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Eggless Cake

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Eggless Cakes | The ever popular cakes are now available in Eggless flavours so that everyone who is Vegan/Vegetarian can enjoy this sweet delicacy. These are special cakes made without egg but there is no compromise in taste or quality. Order premium quality Eggless Online cake Delivery here without any hassles of travelling to a cake shop. Get home delivery of eggless cakes online or send Eggless cakes to your loved  ones, this sweet dish is for everyone to savour. These cakes are perfect for your wonderful Birthday, Anniversary, Marriage, Reception, Valentine’s Day or any other celebration, where all your guests can enjoy it without hesitation. Eggless Shape cakes and Eggless PHoto cakes are also a very popular choice. So order a yummy super delicious eggless cake from the large variety we have for you.

Eggless Cake Delivery Online

Who wants to indulge in the heavenly taste of a yummy, scrumptious, soft and creamy cake ? Everyone of course ! I have not yet met a person who dislikes cake. It’s a delicacy loved by all and the little ceremony of cutting the cake adds its unique celebratory charm to the occasions.

In India and many other parts of the world , people are vegetarian due to religious and health reasons and do not consume egg.Traditional recipes of cakes contain egg due to which it was avoided by many people. But it’s hard for kids and youngsters to resist it.For some people also it becomes embarrassing when some guests in their parties can not comsume their special dish.

These unfavourable scenarios led to the need of Eggless cakes. Some innovative and caring Chefs and Bakers thought of replacing the egg with other ingredients like-  yogurt, mashed bananas,vinegar with baking soda, applesauce and silken tofu, depending on the recipe, to make delicious Eggless cakes. also very happily does Eggless Cake delivery online in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi.

Top10 Eggless Cakes for Online Delivery

Nowadays all major bakeries provide both the version of cakes – with egg and without egg for almost all their cake flavours. So you have a hell lot of variety to choose from. Popular flavours –

  1. Eggless Blackforest Cake
  2. Eggless Red Velvet Cake
  3. Eggless Chocolate Cakes – like Simple Chocolate Cake, Dark Chocolate Cake, Death By Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Fudge cake, Chocolate Truffle cake and Choco Velvette cake.
  4. Eggless Strawberry Cake
  5. Eggless ButterScotch Cake
  6. Eggless Vanilla Cake
  7. Eggless WhiteForest Cake
  8. EgglessBarbie Doll Cake
  9. Eggless Car Cake
  10. Eggless Dora Cake

Enjoy these wonderful cakes without any hesitation !

Send Eggless Cakes Online

You can now surprise your vegan friends and family member on their occasions by sending online Eggless cake to their home or office.

Now no more kids have to sacrifice this yummy treat , they can enjoy this delicacy fully. Order an eggless cake online for delivery at your party and have all feast on it.