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Cake Online Delivery  |  Order Cake Online from Bakery Near You

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Cake Delivery | Cake is an essential part of any celebration. As we know “Any party without cake is just a meeting.” We can do cake delivery for you or someone else on your behalf. We have a variety of Cakes to suits your occasions. We also have Eggless cake, Sugar-free cake, sponge cake, cream cake, cupcake, jar cake, etc. Choose any of the specially designed cake for Birthday, Anniversary, Mother’s day, Christmas, New Year, Valentine Day, Father’s day, etc. There are the different flavor of cake to choose. We have a range of chocolate cake, red velvet cake, black forest cake, butterscotch cake, white forest cake, fruit cake, coffee cake and many more. Kids love favorite cake in the shape of their beloved cartoon, due to which we also have a variety of cartoon cake to choose from.

You can choose any of these cake and order it online. We will have the cake delivery at home as per the location opted during checkout.

Online Cake Ordering

So what’s all the fuss about cake? Cakes are becoming ever popular nowadays. There is seldom any occasion where we don’t cut a cake. Big Cities or Small, occasions like birthday, anniversary, promotion and farewell celebration happens with a cake cutting ceremony, but now many new events are celebrated with enthusiasm and cake cutting. Occasions like Marriage, Housewarming, Baby Birth and his/her subsequent monthly birthdays, Rakhi, Holi, Diwali, Christmas and New Year are also where we buy cakes.

Children are especially fond of cakes, and occasions like Children’s day are perfect for celebrating them and their bright spirit. Surprising them with their favorite cake and having a fun kids party at your home/outside is a great idea. Even emotions like getting Well Soon, Sorry, Warm wishes, Love Proposal, Congratulation, Appreciation and Thank You can be conveyed very well with amazingly designed cakes. So you see a lot of people love cakes, the best part being they are standard as well as highly customizable in design.

Online Cake Shop

Wonderful cake shops and Online portal are available to cater to the ever growing demand of this sweet delicacy. Bakery / Cake shops serve the people who have the time and energy to go and shop at stores. But there are a lot of people especially in Metros and bigger towns who are very busy, and due to traffic and distance, they want to avoid going to a cake shop. So how can they buy cakes? There has to be a way to help them. We as online cake shop / online bakery, are here to help out every one of those people who need assistance in getting a cake to their place.

OCD have cakes of all varieties available, and eggless cakes are available too. You can visit our website on desktop, laptop or mobile and conveniently enjoy online cake ordering. OCD promise you will get yummy cakes delivered to your home/office. So you get fantastic cakes for your celebrations without you having to travel to a cake shop or bakery!

Where can all cake be sent with COD?

You can send cakes to your loved ones living in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Delhi from anywhere in the world. If you are away on occasion, then also you can surprise your loved by sending gift cakes online. They will be delighted by your gesture and will always cherish it for making their celebration peppy.

Flavors of Cake you can buy from CakeOnlineDelivery

There is no limit to the flavors of the cake. You can make a cake literally of any design you desire, but there are some standard flavors available across which you can choose.

You can contact us on chat, mail or phone if you need any unique flavors for you.

The flavors readily available that you can choose from are –

Basic flavors

Which are available all over the world like Black Forest, White Forest, Chocochip, Red Velvet, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Butterscotch, Vanilla, Pineapple and Strawberry cakes.

Fruity flavors

like Mango, Litchi, Tutty Fruity, Banana, Cherry, Orange, Mixed Fruits, Strawberry, Blueberry, Pineapple and Kiwi cakes.

If you are a fan of nuts then there are nutty cakes like Almond based, Walnut-based, Hazelnut based, Nougat Cake and Mixed Nuts flavors.

Mixed flavors are very exotic and exciting like ChocoStrawberry – Mix of chocolate and strawberry, ChocoVanilla – a mix of chocolate and vanilla and Vanilla Strawberry cake.

Chocolate flavored cakes

It comes in many varieties like Dark chocolate, Double chocolate, Chocolate mixed with other flavors, Chocolate Fudge, Death By Chocolate and Chocolate Truffle, which are very popular. Chocolate Gems, Chocolate Oreo and Ferrero Rocher cakes are premium cakes for parties.

All these scrumptious and heavenly cakes can be ordered online on CakeOnlineDelivery by you for home delivery. You get such excellent cakes which people love across boundaries delivered to your doorstep. You can order quickly from desktop, laptop or mobile and save yourself any hassles of getting it yourself from a cake shop. Getting online delivery is your best bet to get best cakes delivered to your loved ones in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Delhi.

Book Eggless Cake Online with us

All these stupendous flavored cakes mentioned above are available in Eggless variety also, so it’s a boon for vegetarians. You can order eggless cake online on our website so that everyone enjoys this beautiful sweet dish and be joyous for your celebrations. You will play an excellent host and will be praised by all for taking care of Eggless option available in cakes.

Wedding Cakes

Cake cutting on Wedding has picked up as a tradition in India also. Wedding cakes of various designs are available. Generally, these are tier cakes and available in many flavors. A lot of couples like to cut their wedding cake on the reception ceremony also. Guests are served with the yummy cake to savor and enjoy the wedding ceremonies. We offer elegant and scrumptious Wedding cakes for ordering online. We will deliver your stupendous dessert to the venue and save you from the hassles of getting one.

New Year Cakes

As the year changes, people love to party. They want to say goodbye to the past year and look forward to the promises of the coming year. Cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad have parties all over the town. Party people enjoy the transition of the year with their friends, family, and colleagues. Amidst this fun and frolic, there is a ceremony of New Year Cake cutting, as the clock strikes midnight 00:00. The first few minutes of the new year are enjoyed the enticing cake. So the New Year starts with a sweet celebration, hoping for the coming year to be full of sweet incidents and occasions. Order New Year cake online with us and have a bash like never before.

Order Cake Online for Delivery: Service Type, Price, Occasion, Flavor


Service Occasions for Cake Flavours of Cake
Midnight Cake Delivery, Birthday Cake, Anniversary Cake, Chocolate Cake, Black Forest , White Forest Cake, Truffle Cake
Same Day Cake Delivery, Mother’s Day Cake, Father’s Day Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Layer Cake, Plum Cake, Sponge Cake
Immediate Cake Delivery, Christmas Cake, New Year Cake, Fruit Cake, Mango Cake, Vanilla Cake
Next Day Cake Delivery, Valentine Cake, Eggless Cake, Pastry Cake, Photo Cake, Cheese Cake, Sugar free cake

Valentine’s Cakes

Valentine’s day and Valentine’s week celebrations are getting popular. The week starting from 7th February to 14th February is known as Valentine’s week as there are various days celebrated.

Types of Cakes we serve

We serve many types of cakes which include – Simple Cakes,  Photo Cakes, Shape cakes, Premium Cakes, Kids cakes, Cup Cakes, Jar cakes, Cream and Fondant cakes. We present to you the various types of cake available in the market so that you can choose the one most suitable one for your occasion.

Simple Cakes

Which are readily available on CakeOnlineDelivery are famous cakes like – Blackforest Cake, Pineapple Cake, Butterscotch Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Cake, German Wild Forest Cake, Mango Cake, Vanilla Cake, Strawberry Cake, etc.

Photo Cakes

These are the cakes which are available in all base flavors but they have an edible layer of the photo printed and placed on top of the cake. These are picture perfect cakes and taste yum.

Shape Cakes or Customised cakes

There are many varieties shown on the website for you to choose from but there is no limitation to the type of shapes that you can make in cakes. You can make shape cakes like Gym Cakes, Makeup kit cakes, Car Cakes, Purse Cakes, Bike Cakes, Old Monk Cake, Chivas Regal Cake, Jack Daniels Cake, Moustache cake, Beard cake, and Many more.

Premium Cakes

These are exotically designed cakes with premium look and ingredients. Generally, cakes are baked with standard ingredients Off-the-shelf, but for these cakes, ingredients used are unique and premium. Also, the Chef/Bakers work tirelessly to make these cakes look astonishing. These are best for stylish parties like Promotional parties, Launch parties, Success parties, Wedding ceremonies and Five Star parties.

Kids Cake

Exclusive designs are available for kids parties. Various shapes of Kids cakes are available like Cartoon Character cakes, Doll Cakes, Mickey Mouse Cakes, Castle cakes, Dora cake, Diego Cake, Lion King Cake, Chhota Bheem cake, etc.

Cream Cakes and Fondant cakes

Cream cakes are more popular and are made more quickly. Whereas Fondant cakes take more time to prepare and they have a different finishing. The cream is very soft and frosty and best for kids. The Fondant, on the other hand, is a little thick layer which makes it easier to create designs on cake.

Order Cake Online for Same Day Delivery

You can get delivery of your cake the same day that you have placed an order. Check out the time of delivery for the cake that you want to order, and many will be available for delivery on the same day.

Online Midnight Cake delivery in Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad

Oh, the midnight surprises are such a frenzy, people love to celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries, and many other occasions at midnight. But where to get the cake? Sometimes you forget to order earlier or it does not occur to you, and you miss to order one for your midnight bash. But worry not, we are there to your rescue.

We deliver best Midnight cakes so that your midnight celebrations are as fun as you planned them to be and we take care of the cake delivery. So order midnight cakes online on CakeOnlineDelivery and celebrate your occasion as the clock strikes 12 o’clock in the midnight.

We deliver fantastic cakes in the Cities of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi. Midnight deliveries and Eggless cakes are available. We offer Cash on Delivery service, and once the executive confirms your order, delivery will be done.

CakeOnlineDelivery is best online bakery which is always Near You.

You can place an order with COD anytime from anywhere. We are available on chat, mail, and phone. We would like to serve you with the best quality of cakes at reasonable prices. When you search on Maps “bakery near me “ many shops pop up, and when you see the distance they are far from you and most of them would refuse to do home delivery. And if you are searching after 10 pm ( when you get free from all your chores), most of them would be closed.

But we are always there for you. You can place an order anytime with us, and we are just a click away.

You can find brilliant Cakes online for every occasion and Festivals. On festivals like – Raksha Bandhan, Holi, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Christmas, Easters, Thanksgiving day, Good Friday, Eid, Independence Day, Republic day and celebratory days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher’s Day , Children’s Day , Friendship’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Siblings day,etc cakes are ordered. We do serve such unique cakes.

Order online to get fantastic cakes delivered to you or your loved ones. Send cakes online if you are away from your loved one on any occasion or festival, it will delight them and make up for your absence.

What is CakeOnlineDelivery?

CakeOnlineDelivery is a platform to provide cake consumers best online cake ordering experience. We take great care that cake ordering process online is comfortable for you and the deliveries that you get from us are of excellent quality. We strive hard to make this whole experience awesome and would love to get appreciation from our customers. You can give us suggestions to make us even better, and we would like to grow better and better each day.
We look forward to serving you with an excellent experience.