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Birthday Cake | Order Best Birthday Cake for Delivery

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Birthday Cakes | The day when you get the maximum attention, affection, and importance is your Birthday, so make the most of it. Order a super delicious awesome looking cake for yourself. You can book cake from favorite flavors like Blackforest, Red Velvet, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Pineapple or go for the exotic flavors. Experiment with the unknown flavors, you will experience a blast of freshness and vigor with the onset of a new year in your life. Order your Birthday cake online conveniently on and have a fantastic birthday bash. There are times when you are away from your loved ones on their birthday, but in today’s digital world we are never too away. To mark your presence send a birthday cake online and delight your dear one.

Best Birthday Cake Delivery

If it’s your birthday or your dear ones; Birthday cake to banta hai !

Birthdays give a reason to celebrate you. Everyone is busy in life, trying to achieve something. Being busy is right, it keeps the mind and body active, and special days like Birthday breaks that monotony of being busy. Every day is a routine, but on birthdays you have a reason to break that routine, to celebrate your existence in the world. This world is a beautiful place, and we have lovely people around us. Though we face a lot of struggles and issues in life, those only enhance our skills and strength. Each year that passes, we learn many new many lessons, we become wiser than the previous year. These life lessons help us achieve greater heights in our life, lets us support our loved ones in achieving their goals and dreams.

Each Birthday is a celebration of a fantastic year that has gone past. On birthday we receive lovely wishes for years to come, loads of love showered on us by our near and dear ones whom we are not able to meet so often.

Why do we cut cake on Birthday?

Birthdays give us a reason to come together for a person and show to that person that ‘yes you are important to us and your birthday is a celebration of You.’

A birthday party is not complete without a special birthday cake. You can also order an eggless cake for the party to take care of your vegetarian guests at CakeOnlineDelivery.

We have made a list of birthday cakes that we think never go wrong. They are the most loved and favorite cakes in India, and maybe you can try one from this list for your or your dear one’s birthday celebration. So check out the list below –

Top Cakes for Birthday

Chocolate Cakes

  1. ChocoFudge cake – This is a cake for the experimenting lot. This cake is made with chocolate fudges and has very creamy smooth texture to it. It had a lot of cream and decorated exotically. It’s a chocolate lovers delight, a piece of it will melt in your mouth. It adds charm and glamour to the Birthday celebration. A centerpiece in itself ChocoFudge is our bet for being the most sought-after cake on birthdays. Your guests cannot resist a second serving of such a unique and promising cake. You can get such excellent birthday cakes delivered to your door when you order with us online.
  2. ChocoVanilla cake – A combination of sharp and mild flavor is the ChocoVanilla cake. This cake is the most loved duet flavored cakes across the world. The decoration is at the play of Chef/Baker as they fiddle with the presentation of two flavors. It is the amalgam of Vanilla and Chocolate layers in the cake.  A single bite creates magic in your mouth, the combined pleasure of these two flavors is beyond description, you need to have one to experience the amusement. Order eggless cake online if you want, but this cake is worth a try.

Exotic Cakes

  1. Chocolate Ferrero Rochers Cake – A yum cake which is very popular nowadays amongst the youngsters for birthday parties. Ferrero Rochers are nutty and crunchy chocolates, favorite of many. This cake has Ferrero Rocher as one of the main ingredients. This cake looks incredible and tastes even better. Its a new cake and many have not tried this flavor yet. It’s a cake for the chocolate lovers, indulge in the fulfilling chocolate fantasies while having a bite of this heavenly chocolate cake. Such chocolate cake delivery for birthdays need particular attention, and we surely take care of that.
  2. Red Velvet cake – This is a new hot favorite Birthday cake. It is a red colored cake with Buttermilk as a special ingredient which gives it a unique salty taste along with its sweetness. It’s a very spongy cake with lesser cream, red-colored spongy cake with icing and frosty red flakes on the top of frosting. It has unique looks and flavor; if you have not tried one, you are missing on one of the best Birthday cakes available online. Order one and indulge in the buttery smoothness and sweet-salty taste of this premium cake on your next birthday celebration.

Kids Cakes

  1. Doll Cake  – A doll is a girl’s best friend, and you see her playing with it as soon as she gets a chance. On her Birthday treat your little girl like a princess and get a beautiful Doll cake for her. Doll cakes are highly customizable cakes, and they are made with a doll in the center with Cake as her dress. You can get Doll cakes made in any of the flavors like – Blackforest, Butterscotch, Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocochip, Double Chocolate, and Strawberry. Also, the design of Doll cake is very much customizable, chose the colors of your choice which can be used in icing to make the beautiful dress of the Doll. This dress is mainly the cake and its icing. So make your decision, a beautiful pink colored doll cake or Blue and Yellow one, Red one or orange, there are so many designs for you to choose cake.
  2. Car cake – Boys love cars! The car cake also can be ordered in any flavor, mostly done on Blackforest, Butterscotch, Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocochip, Double Chocolate, and Strawberry. You can choose the color and styling to be done and Whoa! You get an awesome surprise for your budding hero on his birthday. Delight him and have a wonderful celebration. You can also send birthday cake at midnight to your dear ones and make their midnight bash magnificent.

Unique Cakes

  1. Minion Cake – The Despicable Me! Characters are so much loved for their cuteness. They are so charming and adorable and are favorite characters of many people. It is a great idea to order a Minion cake online and surprise your dear one on his/her birthday. These yellow colored creatures are crafted very well into a brightly colored cake, usually made in Fondant due to the finishing it requires. Cream cakes are also available and make a marvelous birthday gift.
  2. Old Monk cake –  A cake for your alcohol-loving friend. Old Monk Rum is an iconic Indian dark rum and is a favorite of many. You can order a Photo cake of same on our website CakeOnlineDelivery. The cake can be ordered in many base flavors and looks incredible. Get an excellent cake delivered to your place or surprise your friend by sending him one. Enjoy this delicacy with your gang and have lots of fun.

Most popular cakes

  1. Blackforest cake – Made with yummy succulent red cherries, white whipped cream, and spongy chocolate bread. This classic cake is undoubtedly the most loved cake in the world. It has a  decoration of chocolate flakes which gives it the iconic forest look. This spongy cake has the mix of sweet and tangy flavor, prepared in many ways and looks but essential ingredients remain the same. It is ‘The Number One’cake and makes one of the best birthday cakes choice in India. You can get this birthday cake delivery same day also. Just log on and order with us, we will deliver the Best Blackforest Cake for your celebrations.
  2. Butterscotch cake – A cake which is so exotic in looks and so premium in taste is known as Butterscotch cake. It takes specialized expertise from Chefs/Bakers to prepare an awesome Butterscotch cake. The premium bakeries love to experiment with the looks and preparation of the Butterscotch cake icing. It’s a cake which has Butterscotch, which is a type of confectionery whose primary ingredients are brown sugar and butter as along with regular cakes stuff. It has a lovely flavor and will satiate the appetite of anyone who has a sweet tooth. Awesomely sweet and crunchy, try one for yourself. Most loved Birthday cake it is!

Midnight cake delivery of birthday cakes in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Delhi by us makes your midnight celebrations sensational.